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I know a Miata guy that swears by this stuff for Sway bar Poly bushings?? it was almost impossible to remove the center steel bush to relube, i’m thinking of trying copper grease I collected all the spares and the oils, but, Ive just realised that I dont have any Sram butter that all youtube videos use. The lubricant you mentioned is marketed for rubber and plastic applications in harsh environmental conditions so it might serve as a substitute, but as always we recommend going with the manufacturer approved grease. This is commonly used as a quick fix for squeaky bushings, but it has such a short effective lifespan that if you plan on it being a long-term solution just buy a case at Costco and keep it in the trunk. Since the grease on these bushings is not in a sealed system it can be squeezed, melted, or washed out given the right circumstances so choosing the right grease is important. Spray on WD-40 white lithium grease to protect metal to metal applications. Regarding Lithium grease I have been using amsoil (just because I thought it was betterthan cheaper products) and though I have not seen bushings deteriorate I have the issue mentioned, i.e. Only way to resolve is to pull everything apart, clean grease and reassemble. from all the reviews i have read, this grease is the best grease you can use on your stanchions of your suspension. That said, using it once or twice while you wait for your Amazon Prime delivery isn't going to kill you. Everyone has an opinion and there are several lubricant options, and honestly, any of them will “work” in the sense that all grease will lubricate a polyurethane bushing in some respect. Time to put on our lab coats and saftey goggles and see what this grease can do. PTFE does not mix well with oil, or any other liquid, but it holds silicone lubricant to polyurethane bushings and sleeves very well, making a tough, sticky combination. 5 L Bottle. Bushing material and design is also a factor when it comes to squeaking or if you are burying your axles in mud on a regular basis then your ‘results may vary’, but generally speaking you should get at least 5 years of quiet operation from your bushings with the right grease. Have you tried some type of lubricant that didn’t work very well? The bushing manufacturer advised against heating the bushing above 200 degrees for long so we set the heat and waited 5 hours. The 1-ounce container is more than enough for at least a year's worth of maintenance, as you don't need that much grease for the job. No freakin way, full stop. I hope this helps! my super pro bushings were 100% dry after 3 months on a road and show car, Sometimes bushing kits will be assembled before shipping to make sure that all the correct parts are included or to reduce package size and save shipping costs. As for as the grease penetrating that space between the bushing halves, the Daystar tech seemed pretty sure that it shouldn’t be a problem. It might be better to try out some anal play if you're using coconut oil. $7.49 . GENERAL PURPOSE HIGH-TEMP WHEEL BEARING GREASE. Like you say, chemical reactions can (and do) occur. Sorry, but I haven’t crawled back under the car since. Every household (should) have olive oil in it, and while it is safe for vaginal use and anal sex, there are a few risks you should be aware of. DO NOT USE SOAP. What grease should I use for polyurethane bushings? If household products are a little too D.I.Y. I have to ask, were the bushings greased during install? Like most manufacturers the bushings are two pieces, I can only assume that the manufactures think, believe or have tested such that the grease could migrate between the halves to the outer surface. Although it might be worth it to shower afterwards to get all the olive oil off (or out) of you. “Peanut oil tends to be less viscous oil than some of the other vegetable oils out there,” says Ingber. I would prefer to only have to keep one grease gun and one type of grease. The manufacturer grease should last longer. RSP Ultra Slick Grease. If you’re coming up on your 5 year bushing maintenance mark and just trying to quiet your ride down until you have the time to tackle that job then a spray will last you a while, but it’s really just a band-aid. Oh, and speaking from personal experience: Be careful with your sheets. I came across this thread searching for the best grease for my Polaris ATV suspension arm bushings. Skip to main content. Then I had realized I … Wondering about the differences of lithium grease vs silicone grease? The term “silicone grease” can be kind of deceptive. Lithium based grease adheres to metal very well, has a high heat tolerance, and is water resistant making it another possibility for use with polyurethane bushings. This alternative isn't great if you need lube in a jiffy, as it requires a little bit of work. Anytime we bring up grease for poly bushings with the manufacturers the answer is always “Use the provided grease. I have had issues with the holes in the greaseable bolts clogging, Then I can’t lubricate the bolts/sleeves. Jennifer Wider, M.D., previously told Women's Health that many aloe veras contain artificial ingredients that can irritate vaginas. If the bushings and sleeve was already assembled in the packaging it’s almost certain that they were not pre-greased. If anybody else has real-world experience please let us know. Thank you to all our customers for your trade and support in 2020 - The TF Tuned Team! It's designed to be used on headsets, wheel bearings and brackets to keep everything running just as it should. One of the additives commonly used in lithium grease is Moly (Molybdenum Disulfide) which is actually a common additive to PTFE compounds. Yeah, nothing changed besides the fact that we had to air out the room afterwards. - posted in Tech Q&A: I would like to service my Rockshox recon. 330g Aerosol Container. Whether it’s a rock crawler, weekend track machine, or a daily driver that can take corners like it’s on rails, polyurethane bushings are great for performance and longevity, but they do require some infrequent maintenance to keep them quiet and in perfect working order. 0TT00072. Is the silicone grease used on suspension the same as the dielectic silicone grease used on ignition components? Yes, you’re right. Hell, even stick a pure nylon washer on the end if you are experiencing metal on metal problems. If you use one of these lubricants and notice that it is dripping from one of your bushings then you may want to call the fire department to come put out your vehicle. Thus part of the reason I am tearing all my bushings out and re-greasing them. You can email them to and we’ll add them to the bottom of your comment. Also you may want to check with the manufacturer and make sure that using the tape will not void the warranty on the bushings, as they can get sticky about folks not following the installation instructions and then claiming the product is not working properly. Thank you to all our customers for your trade and support in 2020 - The TF Tuned Team! From all of us at DST: Ride Smooth (and quiet), and Drive Hard. Here are the results. So, what types of grease or lubricants have you used to successfully lubricate polyurethane bushings? Must I use sram butter? If you do get a chance to check out how that tape is looking let us know how it’s holding up after 2 years. All of the lubricants besides the HD Polyurea and 80W oil was still in place after the 12 inch powerwash. Oils & Grease from TF Tuned. Store at room temperature. Some of this grease is designed to adhere to metal better than polyurethane. 30 g Tube. Since DST is still debating the necessity of constructing a state of the art laboratory, we improvised a stand, took each of the manufacturer’s lubricants, a Moly Lithium Marine grease, a Moly Polyurea Heavy Duty grease, and 80W motor oil and plastered it on 8 identical polyurethane bushings. Testing this would require some long-term observation and the sources we spoke with were not able to provide any hard facts regarding this. comparable grease that comes in cartridges. Energy Suspension’s Formula 5 silicone based grease with a PTFE additive will usually last for 5+ years and can lubricate with the best of ’em. OUTPUT SHAFT ASSEMBLY LUBRICANT. Either way, your safest option for longevity is the manufacturer’s grease or a silicone based grease with a PTFE additive. In this blog we are going to be doing … RUBBER LUBRICANT. Grease, I’ve used RSP Ultra Slick Grease from TF for a mix of Rockshox forks. All of that to say, yeah, they’re very similar. Try white lithium grease spray for long-lasting lubrication of gears, tracks, latches, pulleys and more. Polyurethane, on the other hand, will never need to be replaced but will need to be greased every so often. We totally agree with you about using the manufacturer’s bushing lubricant. If this occurs the bushings either need to be replaced with OEM bushings (rubber) or with Polyurethane bushings. I don’t have a website but if you want pics of 20+ year old unlubed poly bushings I have them. I assume this is due to the grease getting dried out. i also have greaseable bolts on all the springs and at the frame. You just want to cover the surface that will be in contact with the sleeve with a thin layer and while you’re at it, give the sleeve a good coating too. If this list were a competition, aloe vera would win. It carries the same risks associated with olive oil, along with potentially disrupting pH levels inside of a vagina, which can increase the likelihood of getting a yeast infection—especially if your partner is already prone to them. We merely wanted to test the adhesion to polyurethane properties of the different lubricants in extreme conditions. All but one of the manufacturer’s lubricants we looked at used PTFE with silicone grease along with some other additives, so not sure about silica being used as the thickener or what effect it would have on bushings. This is what you want from your bushing grease so we’ll take a look at the difference between the manufacturer’s silicone grease and a marine grade lithium grease when you just try to wipe them away with a shop towel. Please let us know in the comments section below. Outside of the suspension industry the paintball enthusiasts have found remarkable results using Slickoleum in their paintball markers. Marine grade grease is the best alternative to use because it is tacky and waterproof. Petroleum based grease might “work” for polyurethane bushings but the grease that the manufacturers supply is specifically made for poly bushings, so we suggest using that for longevity and proper operation of the bushing. The bushings that were greased with manufacturer grease looked the same as before the test but the bushings that used the Marine lithium and HD polyurea grease were stained which could indicate some sort of chemical reaction. Olive oil can stain. This is one of the first questions you need to answer and it can be a little confusing. £0.02 Posted 5 years ago Outside of that, the best alternatives we’ve found are silicone based grease with PTFE additives. Thanks for sharing the greasing option Mark and good luck. That said, not all grease is created equal and when it comes to poly bushings you want two basic things: high adhesion (stickiness) and low coefficient of friction (reduced friction). I have some daystar bushing and they are grooved internally (the part that is in contact with the metal sleeve). It stands as a testament to the excellent quality of the product since most manufacturers will tell you to regrease those bushings every 5 years. You can put as much as you want, just be sure to wipe away any excess to prevent debris from getting caught in the grease. Whether or not they are exactly the same…. Do you know how often your friend regreases his sway bar bushings? synthetic condoms, like those made from polyurethane. We don’t have the exact formula of the grease that contained the Moly additive, and we don’t have first-hand knowledge of how it performs (anyone? I imagine the problems you’ve had will be solved and you shouldn’t need to take on a project like this again anytime soon. Nye® Synthetic Lubricant. This alternative isn't great if you need lube in a jiffy, as it requires a little bit of work. Mixing lubricants is generally not a good idea since different types are rarely compatible. WHY USE RED RUBBER GREASE? Red Rubber Grease is used in the automotive industry in hydraulic and braking systems to protect & lubricate rubber bushes, seals and o-rings. We talked with techs at Energy Suspension and Prothane about graphite powder on poly bushings and they gave similar answers: It might work, but you’re better off with the manufacturer supplied grease. When you need lube, you need it now. $9.35 and Up. Thanks for the suggestion Rick. That means it can clog pores, trapping bacteria in the vagina and anus and increasing the likelihood of infection. While completely safe to use on the vulva and inside the vagina, “the downside is that it does ‘hang around’ for a while,” Ingber warns. We'll also tell you which lube alternatives work best for which sexy activities. We would probably not advise using the tape because of the possible warranty issue and since properly applied grease from the manufacturer will get the job done solo. I spoke with a representative at SuperPro and his best guess is that maybe the bushings came pre-assembled when they were shipped. My bushings got dry and really started to make horrid noises. It was about 2 years ago. 0VU01418 0VU01419 0VU01420. As we said before, this grease needs to be very sticky and what better way to test this than trying to wipe it off. One of the additives commonly used in lithium grease is Moly (Molybdenum Disulfide) which is actually a common additive to PTFE compounds. Wondering how Molykote 111 holds up compared to these greases. I spoke with the folks at Energy Suspension about the extreme pressure factor and they had some insights. These days, the majority of £600 mountain bikes come equipped with budget suspension forks. I’m contemplating new Daystar polyurethane bushings for my 1987 Jeep leaf springs. Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. Anyways, thanks for the write up. 05018626AA. It’s always cool to see a poly DIYer. Quick question – how much grease does one need per bush? will be changing the oil in my 2004 Marzocchi 888R suspension and will be using this Buzzy's Slick Honey grease on my stanchions. Slickoleum Light Grease - 440ml Slickoleum is an ultimate lubricant for O-rings and seals, it works as a suspension grease, it reduces friction, stays were you put it and is resistant to water. WET SEAL: A clean, dry Micro-Fiber rag works best. So what do you do if things are getting hot and heavy, and you realize you're out of stock? Stay safe out there. If you’re clocking in A LOT of time at the track and driving the heck out of your car then you might experience some squeaking (which is a sign that the bushings need grease) before the 5-6 year mark when most poly bushings typically could use some re-greasing. The short answer to your question is maybe. The point here is that you’re better off with the manufacturer’s grease (which most manufacturers include in their bushing kits) than with a different lubricating option. Servicing your mountain bike suspension can sometimes get pushed under the rug. We can’t say for certain that disintegration or failure would take place based on the type of grease you use. Since the exact formulas for these greases are proprietary it’s hard to say how they might be different. Most brands of poly bushings have their own grease that will come with the part (and we recommend using that) but a silicone PTFE grease is a good substitute. This style of grease is usually a lithium based grease that has many things in common with the manufacturer grease such as water repellent properties and tackiness. I don’t know what brand of bushing you have but I just got off the phone with a tech at Daystar who specialize in offroad aftermarket suspension bushings. I think it’s just too thin and not as tacky as the bushing specific option. This is a good option if for some reason you can’t get more of the manufacturer’s grease or would rather use a lithium based lubricant. The previous rubber bushings have been run dry for close to 30 years and are in surprisingly good shape considering. If this test didn’t satisify you then you’re going to love the next one. Coconut oil, for instance, is probably better for butt stuff than P-in-V sex. At this point, you know the drill with oil-based lube alternatives: They can break down condoms, and some women may experience irritation. (You don't want to put it in the fridge to cool or again, you'll end up with some nasty, lumpy lube.) Professional strength cleaner specifically designed to clean suspension internally and externally.

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