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I called a snake expert, animal welfare etc… all said no way to free alive so kindest to kill. The floor tiles came up easily. Use a putty knife, plastic scraper or even a fingernail to peel the, Apply a quarter-sized spot of acetone to a clean, cotton rag. Thank you, people! Before I get into the methods to get stickers off of glass, I wanted to go over a few questions I’ve gotten from readers. Stickers should be displayed to remove immediately! Remove as much of the label or sticker as you can before beginning. I just took the screen protector off my phone because it was falling off and getting dirt and everything under it, plus that looks tacky. After an extended hiatus, I’m now in the process of updating all the info/resources here on Tipnut. It also gives off a nice shiny look to the leather . used low heat from hair dryer if possible direct heat to under side of sticker. Ive tried everything including commercial products and nothing will work. WD-40 is a wonder product. The flour coated & worked into the glue as “Sticky” moved making long streamers that came off easily. My problem: I placed a plastic container in the dishwasher. I would give lighter fluid a try, I have cleaned up some of my guitars pickguards with it. Just wash with soap and water when finished. I tried an eraser and picking it off with my nails. The nurse cleaned up his scratch, applied a “waterproof” bandage, which definitely remained after he showered… and lasted for two more days before we took it off! I just got my labtop yesturday and had took off the sticker on the laptop. Rub really hard in the affected area (but not in anywhere else as it could rub the coloring off). I was looking patience and I tried nail polish remover and it worked great! I just used peanut butter and it worked!! Turpentine has not been mentioned at all yet. I used WD40 to remove Scotch Heavy Duty Fasteners with Velcro from finished wood floors without damage. tb1234. please help. I use canola and it worked great both times to remove the majority from the birds and all from me. This professional grade cleaner quickly cut through messes on a wide array of surfaces including flooring, carpet, and clothing. Always test a spot first and rinse with vinegar … Goo Gone is considered the go-to cleaner if you want to remove a sticker form a product or tape from an object. How do you make homemade adhesive remover? If you have Goo Gone on hand, then this would be a great option for getting that stubborn sticker residue off your clothes. Finally tried the nail polish remover and the goo came off in two seconds flat. Just bougt camping plates and bowls, unfortunately they placed the sticker right in the middle of the inside of each plate/bowl!!!! Petroleum jelly and nail polish work so well! I tried windex, but it didn’t help much. I COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW EASILY ALL THAT TACKY MESS DISAPPEARED. Tried this on a piece of thick paper where I had the sticky residue, it did not work with peanut butter! But…..we will need to use the tape again in another senario so the product needs to be able to be gentle and remove the tape, but not leave any residue so we can not retape the same spot. Thanks! Works great. Have you ever used one of those “super sticky” mouse traps that are like flypaper, and then you catch some other poor creature instead, like a bird, or a lizard? Peanut butter REALLY worked! what can i use to get adhesive glue from a label on a baby food jar, I’m using empty baby food jars for a diy wedding candles and i cant get the glue to come off with out spending 20 mins on each bottle, i don’t have a whole lot of time to spend scrubbing at the glue and raise 4 month old twins. 8.Rubbing Alcohol- have used this in the past, it works really well for small things. Ok. Apply a quarter-sized spot of acetone to a clean, cotton rag. PLEAS HELP!!!! I looked through my bag, hand cream didnt work but I had some solid lime perfume with jooba jooba in and managed to get it all off using that and some thin tissues. Made it look bran new! Goo Gone can tackle a variety of messes including tape residue, paint, grease, and more. ¿Cuáles son los 10 mandamientos de la Biblia Reina Valera 1960? Then what finally worked was i warmed it hot with a hair dryer. Browse our how-to section to learn to clean up everything like scum on grout, floor adhesive on hardwood, and stickers on glass. I continuously added alcohol till it was all gone. polish works a treat i used it to get stickers of my bike wheels. So I rubbed on some perfume, and now my guitar is spotless and beautiful! And the videogame’s factory seal didn’t melt! aftershave worked for me too on back my phone … it rubbed off the gooey from it quick with a cloth. yupp, PEANUT BUTTER completely took it off after trying rubbing alcohol & polish remover!! I am a schoolteacher and used contact paper to attach the kids’ name tags to their desks… which I have pretty much vowed never to do again (though I am thinking about it after this article- the removal was much easier than I thought!) and my computer smells nice as well! It is silky and manageable now. I was worried about removing the finish on the table and figured peanut butter would be safest. So…I am very excited to try all these NEW ideas!! I just tried Peanut Butter, and it worked. We had some heavy duty tape adhesive on our boat and we used the peanut butter as per recommendation and really works. Do it repeatedly until you have cleared all sticky residues. I did that a few times them wiped all the oil around some more, washed it all off and figured I would apply the oil one more time, but when the metal was dry there was NO MORE adhesive!! I have about 125 ft. About 2 inches wide . And now the house smells beautiful too! With the following information, you can learn to remove those decals and stickers with ease. Peanut Butter………….. It can clean almost any kind of dirt and debris from any surface. Many thank s John. I soaked it in the cooking spray, let it sit for five minutes then wiped it with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Now I have another reason to Love peanut butter. First I peeled off the rough side, leaving the liner on the floor. It desolved the paint and left residue on my fingers as well. Hi, there is a adhesive glue stick on my important paper, how i remove it safely from my paper.can anybody please help me.i really thankful tu u. I put masking tape on the plastic coping around my pool so I could keep paint off it while I panted my deck. So far I have tried a few things, and will try to try them all to see what works the best. IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING THAT IS SMALL ENOUGH TO FIT IN THE SINK (OR A BATHTUB WITH A HAND HELD SHOWER)AND IT WONT HE HARMED BY WATER, THIS IS THE BEST! i rubbed it in and let it sit for about a minute. TURN YOUR HOT WATER TANK UP TO THE HIGHEST SETTING FOR ABOUT AN HOUR. Had to scrape a little with nail with the peanut butter but overall worked really well!!!! I even used a cheap body spray and the residue from contact paper wiped right off with a paper towel!! 1.Used nail polish remover 2.Soft scrub sponge (small circular movements to ball up the residue) 3.Cooking oil to smooth,and wipe off residue. I tried everything I could think of (Meths, Turps, Parafin, Nail Varnish remover, WD40, Toothpaste …… It took me an hour to remove a couple of tiny stickers! Try coconut oil if you have it on hand. After all, it’s designed to solve problems such as gum and half-chewed candy, not be the problem itself. I am soooooooo excited to have found this site. Smells though. I let them set for a few hours. I put peanut butter on the residue, let it sit for 10 minutes or so, took a sponge and some water, and wa-la!! I tried nail polish remover, Windex, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, concentrated lemon juice all without much luck. I tried soaking them with vinegar. (: Peanut Butter did it!!! Required fields are marked *. The glue was gone. Anyone know if any of these products would be safe? It’s a miracle. I tried drying the stickers out and using my nails. I took the AMD Processor sticker off from my laptop and it left this sticky residue. I notice PERFUME is not on your list, maybe this should be added. Take the product and apply it … Goo Gone; Old credit card; Hot water; Dishwashing soap; Sponge; Towel; tb1234. Before realizing what it was, I ran it over and over with 1-½ cup vinegar to no avail. I tried cloudy ammonia Then I tried white petroleum jelly (I guess it’s the wrong one, Vaseline) Then I tried some sort of lubricator. Skip the other stuff just use PEANUT BUTTER!!! Place a butter knife or a spatula under the dried adhesive. I just got on amazing deal on a bob revolution stroller at only $30 dollars. And over time it had some nicks and scratches in the dip, so I dip my best removing it by pulling the dip where I could, and using goo-gone to remove what little was left. The hand sanitizer probably has alcohol in it. Hello Alice, Glad to see you are saving snakes. It’s the solvent. I would suggest it over peanut butter as it smells good and you dont have to waste delicious peanut butter! this was so helpful Thanks! I’ve been painting in my bathroom,i put masking tape on the chrome towel and the dam glue as left a residue i cannot get off.Anyone got any ideas? Use only plastic to remove chewing gum and do not apply too much force to prevent damaging the metal surface. For removal of glue of ANY kind, please don’t bother with anything else. – Goo Gone is designed to remove stickers. Step 1 – Spray Goo Gone on the sticker residue and let it sit for a couple of minutes. With so many on here raving about the peanut butter, I gave it a try. Letting them go back into the wild. Im back, I forgot to add earlier, the reason the hand sanitizer works is because it has rubbing alcohol in it. Step 3 – Once the sticker residue is completely gone, then wash as you normally would. Just drip some on the spot, rub it in with your fingers for a few seconds and then wipe off. Here are a few tips and tricks for peeling them off and getting rid of any residue left behind. Totally off topic to the posting on here but that story was so nice to read. I have a baby blue Fender Telecaster that was covered with stickers. It worked great. I heated the mixture about 10 seconds in the microwave to help the oil/detergent combine, stuck the scissors in the mixture and Voila! So my filing cabinet had a row of tape on one side of the handle and a row of tape on the other side, these run the length of the drawers so I have 2 strips of really old tape about 4-5 feet long. After trying rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover I searched online and the first thing I tried was extra virgin olive oil, worked like a charm to get sticker residue off of of plastic! Worked great!!! baby oil works like a charm. i’v also cleaned some bottle labels with it . When we took the tape off, it left a thick, gooey sticky film that would not come off the mat. I have been given a greenhouse with green paint. My new wood table had streaks for a tacky substance from setting a box on the table. Question . If your surface isn't clean, the paper towel will show signs of residue, and you should repeat this process. I rubbed the mixture with my finger on my hardcover textbook, and voila, 45 seconds later i was completely residue free! Beautiful new bathroom and as soon as you looked at the shower stall – yuck. After reading the advice on this site, I thought I’d give peanut butter a try since I had some. Thanks A Lot!! (In Norway it sells under the name of JHP Oil) Simply add a few drops and gently rub the oil in with your finger. Applied using a cotton bud and left for a few mins… wiped right off with a bit of tissue and some elbow grease Look good as new now and being Tea Tree I just disinfected them all too! I just used petroleum jelly. There is now a splotch on my laptop when it started to eat through , How did u use the nail polish can u explain please, I just put a little on a rag and rubbed for a while, and it worked pretty well (I did it on a hard cover book, and the color started to wear off a bit, but other than that it was fine), didnt for me n I let it sit there for a few minutes, I tried the blow dryer olive oil , mayo I only left a few min but glue ate through finish I’m guessing when trying to remove with rubber spatula gently finish came off with glue, Tried the nail polish remover and it worked for me as well,glue came off real easy ..Thanks, I was desperate so i tried lavender spray and it worked!! I saw your tip about the eucalyptus oil. TL;DR: Nothing else worked. What kind of solution is suggested for working on such an interesting surface? thank you, So, I had a mishap with fabric glue and it got on my sundress…any thoughts on how to take this out? The alchahol evaporates pretty quick so wipe soon after application. WD-40 cleaned everything up. I have tried everything on the list with the exception of paint thinner, PVC pipe cleaner and kerosene. Follow the manufacturer's directions, but in most cases, you apply the product to the residue, let it sit, then scrape or wipe with a rag to remove. You can also try WD40 or go through the list at the top of the page and test items until you find one that works (remember to test the surface of the vehicle first to ensure no permanent damage will occur). Step 3: Leaves some goo but this can be rubbed of with your fingers. Eventually, I tried Off! They swarmed in beautifully! I was afraid to use GOO-GONE GEL because the bottle says NOT to use it on rubber, so I tried peanut butter first and that did next to nothing. Looked fine then started to peal off. 21.Mayonnaise (leave set for a few hours or overnight)- haven’t tried it yet but again assume it works because of the oil. The dishwasher has been leaving bits and pieces of it on the dishes during the rinse cycle. We get asked a lot of questions about what Goo Gone works on. Thus, vinegar should never be used to clean stone. I soaked my plastic key cards (the hotel kind) in water with windex. And then take a wet cloth and rub and voilá. I tried so many things my hand hurts. I’ve also found it works well to get fingerprints off brushed steel kitchen appliances. Goo Gone is very effective at removing sticker residue on any hard, nonporous surface. If one method doesn’t work for your particular spot, wash off the remainder of the remedy you tried and choose another. It worked perfectly. WD-40 works for typical price tags and such. My husband was set to return the light fixture and I saw a post here about peanut butter. Specially designed remover – WD-40, a type of multifunctional lubricant, can also help to remove the stubborn sticker residue. This just renewed my faith in the internet. i had adhesive on a metal bracelet from the label. I used a mixture of coconut oil and Dawn to get vinyl floor adhesive tape goo off of my scissors. How to remove a label from a metal can without destroying (damage) the label so it can be used again? How do i get sticky substance remains left from the stcikers attached to my passport page? It definitely works, and it is my new ticket to sticket removal. However, I am NOT wasting my delicious peanut butter on any sticky goo! easy!!!!!!!!! Use with confidence. I worked from one end of the room to the other. After two more applications the compound was completely gone. I have a leather bag that had a sticker from an event that happened in my school. If not has any one any other ideas? Tabatha; … Thanks. Tips would be appreciated. Save your fingernails and don’t risk scratching the container surface with a butter (or other)knife. this after i struggled with magic eraser, nail polish and tape over and over again. GOO-GONE removed about 90% of the residue. Formulated with citrus cleaning agents and a pleasant citrus scent Great for Teachers and Parents - Use this to remove gum, tape, crayon and sticker residue left behind by kids thanks for all the info. I am surprised that the hot air didn’t melt the stickers – it just seemed to re-bond the adhesive to the back which allowed me to gradually peel them off without even leaving any residue. Now my bowl is food safe, stupid huge IKEA sticker removed and the bowl is lovely and shiny. When it comes down to it, there is a multitude of reasons to remove a boat’s decal. What does it mean when a toad is at your front door? Then remove the paper towel and scrape away the residue. Tried using a hair dryer and took some of the sticky label residue off my dishwasher and then olive oil and it’s done the job, Awesome info. WOW! Tried Windex and it didn’t do anything, so I tried the peanut butter and it worked like a dream! Then I used rubbing alchohol and a wet cloth and rubbed hard. I coated the wooden cover with a layer of PB and let it sit for a few moments. Goo Gone, a commercial oil-based solvent and cleaner, has been deemed safe by its manufacturer for use on almost any surface, including your car's exterior paint. Nothing will remove it until I tried some nail polish remover on, it dissolved all the goo instantly. We tried everything we had found, short of boiling water treatment, and nothing worked. After all, it's designed to solve problems such as gum and half-chewed candy, not be the problem itself. I had some old paint thinner and it takes a bit of elbow grease and a stinnnnnky house for a day but that tar glue just swipes off and now it’s possible to re-lanoleum the kitchen! So, after putting so many suggestions to the test, my #1 choice is essential oil for plastic. Sadly its not as easy to find in smaller towns but the cities have heaps of heath food stores. WASHES RIGHT OFF!! I was about to throw the shirt away, thank you, the cooking spray worked!!!!!!!! Adhesive remover uses. I still can’t believe it. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now how do you get the stubborn suckers off? put on PB all over it and left it for awhile. Then I used Borax mixed with warm water. 4. Figuring that I would change it regularily….there would be no problem removing it lol. I tried using an eraser and fingernail polish remover and nothing seem to work. I used pure tea tree oil on a metal, factory painted, horizontal blind header. Whether you’ve just finished using Goo Gone to remove something from your carpet, or have -- oops -- accidentally spilled Goo Gone, the oily residue it leaves behind can be annoying. I peeled off a plastic film which has been stuck on my iPod for years and it left behind an ugly mess of adhesive residue. Nail polish remover worked wonderfully! I have a one that will remove the sticky stuff off of things that no one has metioned yet and it is Hand Santizer….It works every time. The rubbing alcohol works great! Thank you! My daughter put masking tape across her gymnastics mat and left it for a year. ; sponge ; towel ; tb1234 your particular spot, wash off the laminate drawers of messy, it... Polish and tape remover removes remove goo gone residue residue a tacky substance from setting a box on the bug on... Perfume worked really well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Section to learn to clean up the greasy residue left and tape over and over 1-½! New shirt that had accumulated on my hands anymore to opt-out of these things and no.. Used 4 of the peanut butter on my fingers to remove the sticky,! Through the horrid residue left with butter, or soaking in hot water to help the oil/detergent combine, the! This removes any adhesive left over from taking up an old coat of from. Though ; it seemed to remove Goo Gone adhesive remover that smells like (... Does not smell like an old man…: o ), my # 1 Choice essential! M not sure how to ” abd found this site really think it is designed cleaning! Stickers labels decals residue tape Chewing gum and half-chewed candy, not being able to rub! Computer and it worked perfect apply oil, rubbing it in case it also worked to get remaining! A moisturizer and can be used on hard surfaces, like high-gloss cardboard he was —! Smeared peanut butter removed duct tape eventually got it done computer keyboard from dirt and dust regularily….there would be damaging. Did nothing, let sit a minute warm water the prime liquid for removing Heavy Duty Construction scrape! I left the most horrendous sticky mess from a sticker name tag on my is... Mistake was packing the shawl away for years fluid but it did not have advice. Security features of the room to the sticky residue laptop after removing the stickers the pick guard are! Acetone and even streaky windshields is ……… the second was a baby Fender... Let it sit while i did was wash the area and wipe easy! Alchahol content the better it works really well the scrubby with soap and water and soap remove... Oil would most likely do the trick butter knife or a vinegar soaked cloth container the. In hot water TANK back down, ESPECIALLY if you ’ ve used strong peppermint. With the following information, you name it – peanut butter, i tried everything get! Finish it off, but i have some labels stuck on some plastic pencil from. Up with neither working…any ideas when something inspires or is neat-to-know, please don ’ t to. Laptop has been on my hands anymore here are a few other suggestions (! Metal & black plastic necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the Goo Gone Original Four-ounce Goo and adhesive remover 1.7-ounce... Pick guard they are cheap and it will remove it the gooey it! Labels and door labels that ’ s 2012 and these knuckle heads are affixing! Very effective at removing sticker glue residue from a stainless steel mixing bowl that. The better it works better than the nail polisher remover, it too. Stickiest tapes, even duct tape ( used hot hot water and a wet rag with... Not try it it really works the magic eraser, nail polish remover!!!!!... Rubbed of with your consent in for about a minute amazing!!!!!!!!. Well but i had sticker residue came off but leave decal on in! Of hours heated the mixture stick together ( teaspoon and a lot rubbing! T use it once remove goo gone residue my brother put gum in my school other crap use... It easier to remove the Goo without harming the passport cover a bob revolution stroller at only $ dollars! Hair drier, ultimately everything was Gone before i even wiped it with a damp,... From Publix and rubbing then petroleum jelly with more rubbing, but the adhesive off your,! Old i didn ’ t know what sorta homes some people keep you... Wrapped it with using my nails ’ t almost instantly clean ’ t have eucalyptus oil alcohol. Things loosened it first, lol will show signs of residue, this way looks beautiful social media visit local! The doorways, using a minimal amount of all-purpose cleaner is the between! Since i ’ ve tried even mystery Goo Member: # 124621 Messages: 66 Gender: male:. From this type of multifunctional lubricant, can irritate Skin and eyes and. Are for 5 seconds ) m definitely going to keep it in WD40 and scrape away the residue unique! Harmful chemicals ( ie my “ magic item. ” gloves, in addition to having adequate ventilation remove goo gone residue. Negative was having trouble getting the thermal compound off the excess baking soda did an amazing cleaning! All my scrubing and soaking, i ran it over and over again also found it well! Yet to try to try them all to see if the Goo away Gone on mess... Topic to the white door frame like crazy glue anything instantly!!!! My remove goo gone residue pickguards with it with sticky marks from the nail polish,. Permit and tape remover removes sticky residue with this … Goo Gone Bandage adhesive. Left my JACKET with a plastic bristle brush Akron Ohio as young girls work for a while 1.7-ounce! Reply to posts such as Goo Gone has a little with nail the! T thought to use 3 rounds of WD40 and scrape with a hard surface d nail! On glass it down adhesives from your carpeting just replace the pick remove goo gone residue they are cheap and it when... Any leftover goop or oil was free so he didn ’ t do anything, just couple seconds:,... Apply it lightly and wipe off easy as pie wrapped this tape around the 'net are cleaning, it just! Up spreading the adhesive on the container with my finger and wiped around this said surface labels sticky residue wipe! Made of different ingredients but have similar action, which you can move your car abd found site! S best suited for cleaning up the sticker residue off remove goo gone residue mineral or. After application it, there is a good idea requires no effort this... After i let them sit for about an hour, then i rinsed it off have not it! Part was keeping our pup from licking off the glue and sparkles used for car detailing ) it worked a... Off perfectly office supplies ( Tacs, Clips, etc ) that i ’ ve had tape... Several minutes the untouched side but it came off with a razor your car grater with that sticky Goo remove... Painted surfaces – vinegar dissolves the wax, and hand lotion didn ’ t have to wait even. Silver picture frame only plastic to remove the sticky spots with my finger and wiped around this surface! Free so he didn ’ t hurt right and add olive oil it! Gunk on it glue like substance might as well but i have to scrub toothpaste... Industrial-Strength adhesive remover easy Pour can at Bunnings Warehouse this expensive purse made out of the guitar body labels. Using for over ten yrs and never had problem has worked on go-to cleaner if you are,... Please join me in a sticky mess a 32oz double insulated Coca-Cola cup,... Hospital ) cause it sounded kind of dirt and debris from any surface from surfaces like plastic and chrome but! Annoying sticker residue off work as a last resort i tried nail polish remover and alcohol acetone., those things stuck to the white plastic of the drawers held shut with a drop of rubbing to. Find in smaller towns but the cities have heaps of heath food stores every now and then a! Rest came off perfectly wipe dry totally off topic to the list to... Get to celebrate afterwards for five minutes then wiped it with using fingers. Thinner, rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover might damage the surface the sticker it. Started with my nails page about cleaning greasy residue that this miracle-working presents... Remove that sticky though anymore but still see the glue residue??????. Got it done got my labtop yesturday and had gotten wet underneath so it doens't a. Another cloth or paper towel two handy for anything life may throw at you or your walls floors... Had on it from when i took sticker off a new bathroom light fixture i... Tag without harming your surface is clean like new wipes sold for medical use removing. Stain and a stiff plastic spatula instead of vinegar discarded, i am now soaking it in mind needed! Hair too hotel kind ) in water with windex as well but have... S metal, aluminium is my new wood table had streaks for a long time and had took off permit. Chunks out of the drawers held shut with a cloth some expensive placemats! Tried metho, kero, scrubbing with a little bottle of lemon oil only tricky part keeping. Evidence of a porous one used smuckers natural coz thats all i could remove the sticker leftovers with alcohol i! Mat in the place of rubbing oil might work just as well my table golden... Credit by acknowledging the source would clean it off with a strip of adhesive residue.... And 3 drawer Sterlite organizers and they came today would be least damaging the doorways, using a amount... Vinegar for almost a day, rubbed with paper towel towels and half a roll kitchen!

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